We are designing Skiemonių TP

We are designing Skiemonių TP

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Holo Projects” Ltd have done the design works in 110/35/10 kW Skiemonių TP (Anykščiai distr.)

Autumn 2018 in the company “Holo Projects” began by reconstructing the 110/35/10 kW Skiemonių transformer substation. The company carries out design works in both the Transmission and Distribution network. <Read more>

In the Transmission network part (AB “LITGRID”) the 110 kW transformer cage and its subunits are being dismantled:  the transformer T-2, connector T-102, transformers ST-T102, separator for 110 kW, (electrical) ground, cables, metal structures and foundation. The transformer T-1 was replaced by a new 6.3 MVA transformer. The own needs of transmission network were resupplied from the designed 0.4 kW distribution panels. “Holo Projects” Ltd has made certain changes in the already existing drawings of the Transmission Network.

In the Distribution network part “AB ESO” a carcass modular building is being designed where we will install one busbar section for 10 kW, alternating and direct current panels (the manufacturer is UAB “Elga”), also automatic electricity accounting cabinets, cabinets of transformer’s T-1 protection and compensating coil controller and TSPĮ (Tele-Information capture and transmission devices) cabinet. In addition to the replaceable 6.3 MVA transformer in the outdoor switchyard, it is also planned to install a new compensating coil transformer, 10 kW voltage compensating coil and a transformer for own needs.

The foundation and metal constructions have been made for the new 10 kW security system devices, also the cables and new terminal cabinets for connecting the devices. “Holo Projects” Ltd has done design work in lighting protection of the substation, grounding and illumination, as well as provided design solutions in relay protection and automation, process control, electronic communication, etc. A part of 35 kW and 10 kW air lines were replaced by the underground cable lines.